THE The 15th Africa CSR/
Sustainability Awards
DECADE OF ACTION Driving sustainability
through circularity:
Localizing the SDGs for greater impact
THE November 7, 2020 6PM GMT
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The 15th Africa CSR/
Sustainability Awards.

Welcome to The SERAS CSR Awards. The SERAS is an acronym for Sustainability, Enterprise, and Responsibility Awards. The exciting story of The SERAS  began in 2007 when the inaugural edition was first held in Lagos, Nigeria. The first edition took place following Africa’s abysmal showing in the global rankings to achieve the millennium development goals. As global leaders adopted the sustainable development goals (SDGs),  Africa needed to birth a platform capable of inspiring commitment and action from all stakeholders and provide a basis for the measurement of development progress.  To promote the desired behaviors, it also became essential to recognize attained milestones to increase Africa’s chances of meeting  SDGs targets by 2030.

Over the previous editions of the awards, The SERAS, Africa’s first and foremost recognition or accolade for corporate social responsibility and Sustainability, has grown to become the most credible and most glamorous business award in Africa. It has inevitably become the gold-standard award and the most crucial industry ceremony in Africa. The growing importance of The SERAS has led to participation from organizations from 19 countries in Africa so far. continue reading

Having held for the last 15 years, The SERAS CSR Awards has achieved the following:

A platform that has galvanized the CSR/Sustainability industry and encouraged organizations to annually commit to intervening in health, education, infrastructure, poverty reduction, and all the other areas of the SDGs to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

A platform that has encouraged greater participation and imbibing of the ethos of responsible business practices in Africa by all players and stakeholders and annually bringing new players into the fray.

A platform that has become recognized as a leading promoter of corporate social responsibility and Sustainability in Africa has contributed to boosting the public image and positive perceptions about corporations by promoting best practices emanating from them.

A platform that has helped promote positive perception and narratives about Africa and positioned the continent as a hotbed for development initiatives powered by the corporates and NGOs, despite the many challenges in the business climate.

A platform that has helped accentuate a new value creation whereby market differentiator for brands and organizations is shifting from the various strengths or weaknesses of their market offerings to the differences and social impact on society.


Only partnerships can drive the inclusive implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. They have the strong potential to unlock progress across multiple SDGs, acting as the connective tissues that can ensure an integrated and holistic approach to sustainable development. All stakeholders, big or small, are development actors, and have the power to transform the world collectively

Amina J. Mohammed
Deputy Secretary-General, United Nations

Driving Sustainability through Circularity

Localising the SDGs for Greater Impact.


Adaptability, resilience, and Sustainability are necessary for all living things to survive and thrive. Humans have done the same through thought reprocessing, resulting in paradigm shifts. There was a time the world in unison agreed that the world was flat. It was science that powered the mind change for humanity, leading to new planets, distant galaxies, aeronautical industry, and others. Most view current challenges as impossible with our current business model of natural destruction and control, so did we once see the thought of landing a man on the moon.

Understanding and adopting circularity and working in synchrony with nature is one that we have been slow to accepting as self-interest, self-preservation presides over lands, government, and economies. The thought of Sustainability itself is suggestive of finite resources, and this promotes self-survival behaviours. If only we all viewed resources as limited, perhaps this paradigm could speedily and willingly shift. In 2020, like the rest of the world, Africa was stung and economically and socially paralysed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic’s scourge fully exposed the systemic malaise that has bedevilled the health sector across Africa, many attributable to the political leadership class’s failure. Once the political leaders and affluent of the African societies could no longer jet off to their patronised medical facilities in Europe and America due to international travel restrictions, they all turned all their energies and attention into ensuring that local hospitals were provided the basic amenities that were required for optimal functionality. Otherwise, they could become victims themselves. continue reading



We have a figure; it could be a man, woman, adult or child, or an organization in a position of advantage that extends a hand of friendship to another. The SERAS figurine bends over double to assist that person who, for the moment, is down there- who needs help or leverage. However, as we are all aware, in life, the only constant thing is change.

The one who is down today may indeed have the advantage tomorrow. As the figure bends over the double, to make a difference, to make an impact. To reach out and touch somebody’s hands, to make this world a better place. The muscles and backbone stretch; the helper can feel a twitch of discomfort as the finger stretch to make with the other.

And as the hand’s touch, the eyes connect, for the moment in time, a bond is forged, a connection made, a life saved, enriched and a warm golden blow to hope and love engulfs both parties both the giver and given, hope, love, faith is rekindled.

For that tiny moment in time, as the figures touch, there is a burst of hope, and the weary earth rejoices.

The figure represents LIGHT- light to show the way to a better and brighter future for humanity and the universe. It is a common saying that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness; Light illuminates what is good and right about us all and banishes our ills, not just today, but forever.

The prestigious SERAS statuette is produced by R.S. Owens – Makers of the renowned OSCARS and Golden Globe Statuettes.