Meet The
2021 Judges

Lampe Omoyele
Managing Director at Nitro 121

Charles Ojei
Partner and CEO of HYBR

Gina Din-Kariuki
Founder and Executive Chair of the Gina Din Group (GDG)

Maria Sillanpaa
Internationally Recognized Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Leader

Nyasha Gwatidzo
Over Three Decades of Working in Social Enterprise

Amjed Achour
Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Communication and Public Relations Expert

Paul Kapelus
Director of Synergy Global Consulting

Ellen Gunning
Founding Director Of The PR Training Academy

Scott Walker
Over Twenty (20) Years Global Consulting Experience

Adesuwa Onyenokwe

Indira Kartallozi
Director at Kaleidoscope Futures, Founder of Sustainability Leadership Kosova